Primordial Venom

by Maugrim

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Recorded within the framework of tempestuous seasons 2013-2015.


released October 21, 2016

This incarnation of Maugrim was comprised of:
Alexander - Invocations, poetry, vision
Pestarzt - Debauched incantations, guitars, drums, percussion, baglama.

Additional session musicianship courtesy of:
Benjamin - Bass guitar
Chris - Horns, incantations

Mixed and mastered by Trevor, Son of Ravens.



all rights reserved


Maugrim North Carolina

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Track Name: Pale In Horror
pale horror, hearts distressed.
trees collapse, crushing will.
i can't believe in a serenity.
i can't understand the mysteries, brought on by mortal flesh

this wretched heart feels no remorse, these silhouettes painted in the sky.
i feel these hands hold my soul, but letting go, just letting go.
stripping life, condemned to the dark. hands bind me, against thy will.
hands bind. hands bind. undermined, help me understand.
why this is never defined.

o, remorseful soul, where lays thy hand?
o, pride, where lays thy faith?
o, death, carry me home.

this oak has cursed my false name, and splintered hands are left to blame.
i cast these sorrows on thy soul, and mourn for the time once lost.
enticed by what can never be again.
the sorrow, the sin, the insecure mind.
i lost myself in time, fucked beneath the shattered sky.

the wind, stains my face, and leaves it painted raw.
bitter, cold, and lacking a tender kiss.
retracting all this pain, stained in blood, on this oak.
the wind still stains my face. a color lost to the wind.
a hand no longer held.
Track Name: Beneath the Widowed Sky
Track Name: The Poison, The Pestilence, The Pain
Alone, I walk this path, begotten. Fucked beneath the shattered sky.
The congregation of the wood, judges all i've done.
The crows spew their hateful words, and destroy this wall
I built to keep the demons out, to keep the nightmares in.

I am the poison, slowly sifting through my veins.
I am the pestilence, I breathe in every day
I am the pain, taking over this body.

Alone, you walked the path, forgotten. Abandoned beneath the widowed sky.
The wind howled, cursing your name. Piercing the violent moans of the damned.

I see no hope left, lying under this broken moon.
no faith to carry this wayward journey, the end is near.
I mourn the day I trapped my soul, deep beneath the cracked light
To bury the spirits, bound by soul, I sought the deepest roots.

I am the poison, slowly sifting through my veins.
I am the pestilence, I breathe in every day
I am the pain, taking over this body.
I am the poison, the pestilence, the pain.
The poison, the pestilence, the pain.
Track Name: Primordial Venom
I walk this dreary autumn, trapped in these wooded tears.
Chained to this fucking emotion, abandoned to your fears.
Hands choke the land I dwell, as vines endorse this flesh.
Damned, I walk, alone this path. Trapping every breath.
I am an abomination, these sorrows fill my cup.
A storm to bring the bane of my existence. Light shines no more, these hollow bones crushed beneath their tears.

Alone, I walk, this path begotten. Damned to sorrow, empty thy cup.
Spit thy words, and drown thy sorrows, I forged this for myself.
Choke my life, strip my flesh, return me to the earth.
Strip my life, choke my flesh, bury me in the ground.

Hands to breed, and hands to breathe, left me here alone.
I walk the abandoned road, fucking my memories romantically.
The wind stains my skin, a faint and pale texture.
Enticed by what was once, and never will, again.

strip this rotten flesh, from these hollow bones.
put me in the ground. dissipate all fucking sound, I am one with dirt. I am one with roots. I am nothing, more. I am.

I am. enticed by what was once, and never will again.
choke my life, strip my flesh, return me to the earth.
strip my life, choke my flesh. bury me in the ground.
end my life, rape my flesh. return me to the ground.