Primordial Venom

from by Maugrim



I walk this dreary autumn, trapped in these wooded tears.
Chained to this fucking emotion, abandoned to your fears.
Hands choke the land I dwell, as vines endorse this flesh.
Damned, I walk, alone this path. Trapping every breath.
I am an abomination, these sorrows fill my cup.
A storm to bring the bane of my existence. Light shines no more, these hollow bones crushed beneath their tears.

Alone, I walk, this path begotten. Damned to sorrow, empty thy cup.
Spit thy words, and drown thy sorrows, I forged this for myself.
Choke my life, strip my flesh, return me to the earth.
Strip my life, choke my flesh, bury me in the ground.

Hands to breed, and hands to breathe, left me here alone.
I walk the abandoned road, fucking my memories romantically.
The wind stains my skin, a faint and pale texture.
Enticed by what was once, and never will, again.

strip this rotten flesh, from these hollow bones.
put me in the ground. dissipate all fucking sound, I am one with dirt. I am one with roots. I am nothing, more. I am.

I am. enticed by what was once, and never will again.
choke my life, strip my flesh, return me to the earth.
strip my life, choke my flesh. bury me in the ground.
end my life, rape my flesh. return me to the ground.


from Primordial Venom, released October 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Maugrim North Carolina

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