Nothing, Bare

by Maugrim

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Chas Haunting, almost unnerving black metal unlike anything out there. Well worth a listen. Favorite track: An Endless Shiver.
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released April 12, 2013


all rights reserved



Maugrim North Carolina

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Track Name: Nothing, Bare
Take these ashes, and cover me
Look at my spirit, tattered and torn
Lay with me in this coffin
Speak to my brothers, and watch them fall
Cover me, entirely, with the burdens of life
Every part of me, is here, dwelling in these corridors
Lay with me in this coffin
Use me as your catharsis
Take these ashes, and cover me fully, so not a part of me lays bare
Open the skies, before our eyes, and see what is hidden
Lay with me in this coffin
Take my hand, and walk with me, through the woods of delusion
Understand its all a test, till finally we can come to rest
Lay with me in this coffin
Spread the ashes over me
Redeem all that is left
Lay with me...
Track Name: An Endless Shiver
May my body be lost to the tides of desolation
As the cold water flows against my tattered limbs, shivering endlessly
Forever become one with the depths of the sea
Obliteration of self, everything slowly becomes pale
Becoming numb, I lose sight of everything around me
My will to fight becomes absent, all colour departs from my flesh
Drowning slowly beneath the darkened skies, I could never see the salvation in their eyes
Let these waves carry me, to the shores of redemption
Track Name: Isolate Me
Isolate me, dislocate my soul.
Come before me, and reveal yourself to me.
This has all been the same, and not a thing has changed
Every night seems bleak, and nothing appears fruitful
There is just a wall, built between You and I.
A single wall, painted with hatred and torment
The things I chose, away from Yours
How could there be anything left?
Starved behind this wall, my soul is but a dry well
And there seems to be no hope

Days appear as years, and still nothing changes
Selfish, I was, and still come and go.
I assume this is all but a test, to which I have failed
No hope, no faith, just leave me here.
Here to die, beneath the trees
Here to rot, in my own self pity.
I never asked for what seemed right
Just what I wanted through selfish ambition.
Track Name: Damned to Wander
I live my life alone, empty and shattered in this dismal wilderness
You ruined me, and now I must pay the price, wandering aimlessly for eternity
Do not be fooled by what you see, this is no paradise, its a lie
Damned to wander, as time slowly moves, I watch the passerby
These trees have become my only friends, and the wind whispers in my ears
Comforting me with songs of solace, tunes of desolation shall be sung
Don't fool yourself for a single second, as your in your own world
Surrounded by these pleasures, your still empty, and blame it all on me
But what was I to you? Apparently nothing, but a shattered figure in this mirror of life
Do not bother looking for me, for these woods will twist your path
"Shield me from this horrid night" you cry out, but unanswered they will go
Look closer as these figures makeshift, this is what you placed me in, now leave my sight forevermore
Track Name: Lethargic Choir
To lay in graves of old, my heart shall wander through these empty corridors
Seeking a hand of some sort, to lift me up from these blackened souls
Each night grows darker, as the emptiness expands
The light slowly flickers out, as darkness takes ahold
The wind wails, and resembles a choir of tortured beings
Have I created this prison for myself? All those years of despair, have come to bring me company once more
The happiness I had, is dead
Shall He come and rescue me? Or will this melancholy be my tomb?
Extend your grasp to me, oh Ancient of Days
Aid me in my quest to escape this emptiness
These corridors go on forever, getting narrower as I travel on
Tomorrow may never come, and nostalgia comes into place
Dwelling here with me, memories that lay on heavy burdens
Oh Father, do not leave me here to be consumed
Shine a light in this encasing darkness, draw it back forever more
Yet my pleas go unanswered, as the light still flickers out...

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